Abstract| Volume 14, ISSUE 4, SUPPLEMENT , S23, April 2013

Do opioid prescribing policies affect primary care clinic follow up visit rates?

      We mined electronic medical record data to establish a timeline of patient medical visits to their primary care provider before and after a stepwise series of opioid prescribing policies were instituted. Goals were 1) determine if progressive implementation of clinic guidelines and policies affected patients return visits to the clinic and 2) determine prescribing practices for patients of different levels of experience (year of training for resident physicians and relative experience level of attending physicians). We reviewed number of completed visits before and after initiation of no opioids at first visit, required urine drug screens, review of Board of Pharmacy scheduled drug records, requiring medical records from outside prescribers, participation in a required group medical visit for pain, and finally initiation of required opioid risk evaluation by clinic psychologist prior to receiving opioid prescription. Review of findings will include recommendations for primary care clinic opioid prescribing policies and educational suggestions for resident physician training.