Abstract| Volume 14, ISSUE 4, SUPPLEMENT , S63, April 2013

The role of long term outpatient continuous peripheral nerve catheters in the treatment of non-healing wound pain

      Non-healing wounds pose a significant problem to our nation’s health care. They cause psychological suffering, and affect patients’ physical health, socialization, body image, and independence. The pain associated both with the wound and its treatment can be difficult to manage. Traditionally, medications have been the mainstay of treatment, but continuous peripheral nerve catheters are proving to be an effective alternative. After an extensive literature review, we found no reports of utilizing these catheters for as long as we have, especially on an outpatient basis, or for the treatment of these wounds specifically. Despite this lack of evidence, we propose that not only can they be used for the treatment non-healing wound pain, but that they also may assist in the healing of the wound itself. We present three cases exemplifying the use of CPNCs in the treatment of non-healing wounds at our facility (two chronic and one acute), a review of the relevant literature, as well as a comprehensive discussion of the topic.