Erratum| Volume 16, ISSUE 7, P682, July 2015


        The abstract titled “Exploring Strain Differences Observed during the Development of a Selective NaV1.7 Inhibitor” (Garyantes T, Babich O, Wang-Fischer Y, J Pain 16:S44, 2015) contains an error. The corrected text appears below:
        This poster will explore model consistency across strains, investigators, time, models and endpoints observed with our selective NaV1.7 inhibitor and control compounds. According to the authors' data, there is no significant difference in pharmacological response in formalin test between a) CD-1 mice from Charles River Laboratories and b) ICR (CD-1) outbred mice from Harlan and minimal differences between inbred and outbred mice.

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        • (275) Exploring strain differences observed during the development of a selective NaV1.7 inhibitor
          The Journal of PainVol. 16Issue 4
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            Several recent papers, such as “Beware of your mouse strain; differential effects of lithium on behavioral and neurochemical phenotypes in Harlan ICR mice bred in Israel or the USA”1 have provided examples where different rodent strains or substrains behave substantially differently in preclinical models. Our experience is that this same variability affects the universality of preclinical models of pain. This poster will explore data on strain differences observed with our selective NaV1.7 inhibitor.
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