Policies and Procedures for Publishing Supplements to

The Journal of Pain

The Journal of Pain will consider publication of supplements that are of scientific interest and validity. The number and quality of manuscripts in a supplement should be sufficient to warrant a separate journal issue and should relate to a unifying theme. A supplement based on a conference or symposium should be planned so that authors submit manuscripts to the Guest Editor or coordinator at the time of the meeting. This will permit the review and publication of manuscripts in a timely manner. As a rule, materials will not be accepted if publication will occur more than 12 months after the date of the symposium or conference. Commercial sponsorship of a supplement will be considered as long as these guidelines are followed and there is no third-party attempt to influence the scientific content of submitted manuscripts.

A proposal for a supplement to The Journal of Pain must be submitted in writing to the Journal Editorial Office as follows:

The Journal of Pain
[email protected]

Tonya M. Palermo, PhD, Editor
The Journal of Pain

Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development
Seattle Children's Research Institute, M/S Cure-3
P.O. Box 5371
Box 356490
Seattle, WA 98195-6490

The proposal must contain the following information:

  • Suggested Guest Editor(s) or coordinator(s)
  • Contact information for the corresponding Guest Editor or coordinator (address, telephone, fax, email address, and preferred method of communication)
  • Table of contents or topics to be included in the supplement, including authors and a brief description of each topic
  • Estimated length (pages or words) of each contribution.
  • If the supplement is based on a conference or symposium, the date and location of the symposium and any sponsors
  • Sponsor(s) of the supplement.

These materials will be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. The supplement manuscripts must be prepared according to the requirements of all submissions to The Journal of Pain (please refer to the Author Guidelines).

When manuscripts are received, they will undergo peer review by at least one Editor and an outside reviewer selected because of his or her expertise in the subject matter. The Editors make no guarantee that any manuscript will be accepted for publication. Each manuscript will be reviewed in the same manner as all submissions to The Journal of Pain, with particular attention to ensure that the content is not biased in the interest of any sponsor and that there are no potentially excessive claims of safety and efficacy of any products produced by the sponsor. Publication of a supplement does not constitute product or sponsor endorsements by the U.S. Association for the Study of Pain, and the following disclaimer will be printed at the beginning of each supplement.

The contents of this issue represent a supplement to The Journal of Pain, paid for by the sponsoring organization. The Journal of Pain endeavors to assure that the material presented is not biased in the interest of the sponsoring organization. Publication of this supplement does not constitute product or sponsor endorsement by The Journal of Pain.

The final acceptance of a supplement will be based on the decision of the Editor-in-Chief. The Editorial Office will contact the Guest Editor with the decision to accept, reject, or require additional revisions.

After the review process, accepted manuscripts are forwarded to Elsevier, where they are prepared for publication, typeset, printed, and published. In order to meet a preferred mail date, manuscripts must be received by the publisher three months prior to that date. Articles published in a supplement are subject to the same copyright regulations that apply to articles published in regular issues of The Journal of Pain . Authors must sign a release transferring all rights, both print and electronic.

The authors are solely responsible for the content of their manuscripts and the opinions expressed. They are also responsible for the replicability, precision, and integrity of the data and may be asked to sign a statement to that effect prior to publication. Manuscripts requiring revision will be returned to the authors in a timely fashion.

The supplement will also contain a statement indicating the source(s) of funding. In addition, it is the responsibility of the Guest Editor to disclose to the The Journal of Pain Editorial Office any restrictions or expectations communicated to the Guest Editor or coordinator by the sponsor(s) regarding the contents of the supplement. Furthermore, the Guest Editor must state what, if any, financial relationship he or she may have with the sponsor of the supplement. Disclosures of such relationships will be discussed with the Guest Editor prior to publication. Similarly, all authors should disclose what, if any, financial relationship they have with the sponsor of the supplement, or the manufacturer of any products, or competing products, that are discussed in their manuscripts. Each manuscript will indicate the sponsor of the supplement and any support that was obtained for the manuscript or its contents. Other financial disclosures will be discussed with the authors prior to publication.